The warping

The first step initiated by the precision and meticulousness of man while the machine keeps maintaining a perfect tension to wrap thousands of threads to form the warp.


The sketch

The path from drawing to fabric:

The sketch artist creates the design to be translated into the number of threads and fibers needed. The ballet of the warp and weft threads intertwining faithfully executes the creation.


The wheelage

A flick of the hand winds 150 meters of thread into the wheels that are the heart of the Leavers loom. A delicate gesture mastered by an expert brings to life the weaving of the lace.


The reassembly

The final preparatory step before manufacturing the lace requires the utmost dexterity and experience to place each threaded bobbin into the trolley. The speed of rotation, the exact placement of the thread is a unique know-how which continues the tradition of lace making from Caudry.


The tullist

Like a symphony conductor, the tullist observes the choreography of threads, each movement is carefully watched to spot any broken threads. A skill acquired over many years.


The inspection

Coming off the loom, the delicate work of the inspectors begins, they are charged with looking for any imperfections that disturb the harmony and accuracy of the work.



Découvrez les étapes de création de la dentelle de Calais-Caudry, un savoir-faire ancestral porté par la ©Fédération Française des Dentelles et Broderies/Promotex.