Jean Bracq

Lacemaker since 1889

Our family business is based in Caudry in the North of France, one of the historic cradles of lace. Our workshop has 80 employees and we take care of our 40 Leavers machine, exclusively equipped with electronic Jacquard. We design and manufacture exceptional lace. Renowned for its finesse, the richness of its backgrounds and the variety of its motifs, the Leavers technique is recognised as one of the most beautiful lace in the world.


Company creation

Jean Bracq was founded in 1889. Each generation has its own personality and investment to develop and sustain the business. Creativity, common sense and curiosity have guided the destiny of our family business. For 130 years, we have been creating and producing exceptional lace. Today the 5th generation is dealing with the challenges of its time to harmonize the score and satisfy every demand.


From tradition to modernity

The manufacturing process uses traditional craftsmanship that gives our lace an extra soul. Technical advances and our research, encourage us to combine tradition and technology, to maintain quality and maximize our ability to meet the demands of our customers. Leaver professions are identical, but the contribution of fibre technologies or air flow control opens up new possibilities.


Mastery of trades

The traditional know-how of the lacemaker is very present within the company. Each project is the result of a man and a woman involved at each stage of the design process. All parts are checked one by one. The combination of these trades allows our workshop to meet the requirements of the specifications of luxury houses or the textile industry. The capabilities of our workshop are expressed all over the world.


Our collection

Since the beginning of the workshop, we have chosen to run a design office to propose our own creations. Over the years, our archives have been enriched with numerous models that constitute a precious library, reflecting fashions and periods. Every year, our sketchers work to create new collections and exclusive designs for our customers. Our knowledge of the professions and their capacity allows us to provide creations to inspire you.