The art of

since 5 generations
We sublimate the lace
since 1889


Designer and manufacturer

of leavers lace


Jean Bracq Lace is the result of a long family tradition and the transmission of a unique know-how.


Created in the purest tradition, our lace is used in haute couture, luxury ready-to-wear houses and their accessories.

Lace of Calais – Caudry

Leavers lace

Our lace products are known as “Dentelle de Calais-Caudry®”, a registered and protected brand name, exclusively reserved for lace made on Leavers looms for more than 200 years.


They also meet the quality requirements of the Oeko-Tex, Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant and Ecogriffe certificates and labels.

Lyon lace

Lyon Lace

In order to maintain the excellence of Lyon lace, the last looms have been taken over by the company Julien Bracq. Thus was born Lyon Lace. A company that is the only one to have the know-how of Lyon lace and works in close collaboration with the greatest haute couture designers.

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